Distributor requirements

Our distributor network has two main functions, dealing directly with customers and servicing our products.


Our products have proven to be exceptionally reliable but even the best designs can fail. For this reason we have designed our systems to be modular for ease of service. The electronics for the T804 system is contained in the control unit and the keyboard, both of which are simply clipped to the tubular frame. This means that shipment of faulty electronics is fast and cheap compared with the shipment of complete systems. The only time the coiler needs to be returned is when the pushrod is damaged. To guard against this we have designed our rod to be highly resistant to breakage by using higher epoxy saturation than our competitors. However, if rod failure does occur it is a function of the Distributor's Service Centre to re-terminate rod. Our cameras are also designed for ease of service, again with a modular construction. None of our designs require soldering skills as all sub-assemblies use plugs and sockets for connection purposes. We maintain a complete technical library which is located in a 'Distributor Only' area of our website. We can advise which spares to stock and are always available to support our distributors and service engineers.

Sales and Customer Support

 Troglotech products are aimed at the top end of the market, we do not produce 'cheap systems' and have no plans to do so. However, we offer great profit margins to our distributors to sell into this market. We are dedicated in producing systems and accessories that keep our customers happy and rely on our distributors to do the same. We expect our distributors to be well versed with our systems, to be able to demonstrate proficiently and to form the bridge between Troglotech and the end-customer. Troglotech are proud to maintain excellent relationships with their Distributor network and operate on a professional but friendly basis.

About Us

Troglotech was started in 2004 by Dave Cotton and Tim Meek, both previously at Pearpoint Ltd from the days of the first Monochrome Flexiprobe Unit right up to the design and manufacture of the worlds first Intrinsically-Safe camera system. We were both involved in each of the great changes in Inspection systems, the first solid-state CCD camera sensors, introduction of reliable surface-mount technology, the first LCD displays, we introduced CMOS sensor technology - but, more importantly, we learnt more from the designs that didn’t survive our industry! When Pearpoint was acquired by SPX we started Troglotech.

Ultimate underground technology

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